Bean collection is represented by 2391 accessions, of which are included the following species: 60 landraces and 5 wild of P. acutifolius, 8 wild of P. augusti, 54 landraces and 1 wild of P. coccineus, 11 landraces and 4 wild of P. dumosus, 102 landraces and 5 wild of P. lunatus, 2 wild of P. parvifolius, and 2052 landraces and 87 wild of P. vulgaris. This collection is considered an important tool for genetic studies because of the number of accessions, their diversity and the geographic range they represent. In addition, this collection is phenotyped for several agronomical traits under different short-day and long-day environments. Genomic data are also delivering for many of the accessions.

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