Period: 1 Sep, 2021 to 1 Jun, 2022 | Deadline: 31 Jul, 2021

General information

Duration: 10 months

Commitment: Full-time


One of the interests of the Plant Development Genetics Group (DEVOLEG, at the Misión Biológica de Galicia (MBG, CSIC) is the study of the genetic mechanisms responsible for the plant development of common bean, focused on the architecture of the plant, flowering transition and maturation of the fruit, in order to make the plant an organism well adapted to the environment. Common bean provides an excellent experimental model because it harbors five domesticated species, two of which have been domesticated twice. These domesticated species reflect different agro-ecological adaptations but at the same time also show high levels of collinearity and synteny among them.
Our approach is based on exploring, characterizing and using the natural and induced genetic variation that exists in common bean, and in developing and using genetic and genomic tools that allow uncovering the genetic and molecular basis of the observed phenotypic variation.
The objective of this research line is to search for genes and genetic components responsible for the natural and induced variation for the reproductive developmental traits using available genetic resources and tools such as NGS, transcriptomics, genomics, QTL analysis and genetic association.
We are looking for a highly motivated intern with some background in natural sciences (Biology, Agronomy, Food Sciences) interested in plant genetics and breeding. The selected intern will participate in the study described above. The tasks may include phenotyping of common bean reproductive traits, nucleic acid purification, genotyping using molecular markers, sequencing, analyses and the use of genomic tools in genetic analyses (RNA-seq, qRT-PCR). The intern will join our group to perform experiments, while participating in daily tasks of the laboratory and scientific discussions.Compensation: No financial compensationYears of Experience required: NoLink:

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